Prue Mellor

RN, MNg (Geront), MNg (NPrac), MACN

Clinical Nurse Specialist Gerontic /Dementia

Prue is a registered nurse with a Master of Nursing (Geront) and Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) dementia. She is also an Endorsed Provider for the Royal College of Nursing Australia. Prue is a clinical nurse specialist gerontic and neurocognitive (dementia) nursing.

Prue continues to successfully assist organisations to transition from having only a philosophy of person centred care, to having sustainable person centred care practices, that will stand up to scrutiny from any authority.

An equal amount of her time spent in consultations with nurses / organisations, assisting them in developing planned, workable, nursing strategies for residents with negative behaviours/responses to care.   These programs have become increasingly popular since recent discussions on the use of anti-psychotics in residential care.

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