About Age Concern

Age Concern Pty Ltd, established in 1986, was one of the first private companies to offer gerontic education and training to nurses, other health professionals and health care workers caring for older adults.

The company was gazetted as an Educational Institution in 2005.

Age Concern Pty Ltd developed Australia’s first stand-alone Postgraduate Dementia program for registered nurses. Latrobe University accepted the program as a Post Graduate elective for successful applicants in 1996 and it was later accepted as an elective to Master level, University of Queensland.

In 2017 Prue Mellor, Managing Director, initiated the successful research Harmony in the Bush, which attracted Commonwealth funding. The aim was to minimise the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia using non-pharmacological interventions. Further, she was the sole clinician on the team and introduced all clinical interventions.

Nurses, allied health professionals and other care workers continue to attend our webinars, seminars, workshops and in-service training programs. Many of our seminars and courses have included nationally and internationally recognised speakers and specialists including the late Margo McCaffery, Professor David Ames, Professor Rhonda Nay and the late Dr Geri Richards Hall.

Age Concern Pty Ltd provides services and programs in all Australian States, Territories and regions.

We design and align our programs to what is recognised as evidenced based and contemporary practice. It is our belief that education needs to be applied and to be relevant. Therefore, where possible, the programs are experiential.

Most of our programs can be modified in duration and depth of content to better meet the specific requirements of each organisation and their staff. Our programs reflect government and professional legislation.

We believe that nurses and other health care professionals and workers, through access to high quality education and training, make an invaluable contribution towards enhancing the quality of care delivered to older Australians, irrespective of where the care is provided