Dementia Program for Carers – Full Course

$150.00 incl. GST   (AU$)

This program, over 6 sessions, is to assist PCWs – AINs by aligning their knowledge and skills with the updated 2013 skills and knowledge of person centred dementia care for RNs and ENs.

NOTE: Facilities (and groups of nurses working from the same facility) receive a discount of 25% on registrations of 5 or more, 40% discount on registrations of 15 or more, 50% discount on 15 or more and 60% on 20 or more!

PCWs/AINs are likely to be responsible for most of the direct care of residents and clients with a dementia, and therefore more likely to be involved in reportable incidents of any description.

As part of the OH&S and risk management strategy of any aged care service, evidence of contemporary knowledge and practices by all care staff, of clients with a dementia, is a primary requirement. This is particularly so in relation to the management of ‘behaviours’.


Session 1 – professional practice for personal care workers

  • the legal role of Cert III role; documenting legally; the issue of PCWs – AINs documenting for ACFI; is it a behaviour or something else? words that should never used on care documents e.g. confusion, agitated, anxious, inappropriate or aggressive

Session 2 – the brain and how dementia develops

  • a diagrammatic demonstration of how Alzheimer’s causes the signs and symptoms of dementia; how care staff will know that a resident/client has some damage in the brain and how they should respond

Session 3 – memory & other losses – how to help

  • memory loss and how to support the resident/client; the issues with showering and dressing; getting lost and refusing care and how care staff should respond

Session 4 – person centred care & activities!

  • communicating with residents/clients with dementia; knowing which activities may be enjoyed by each resident/client; what is person centred care and the role of personal care workers

Session 5 – behaviours

  • what are behaviours; who has them; who cause them and how can they be managed? offers management for aggression, sexual behaviours, Sundowner syndrome plus more

Session 6 – when it is not dementia

  • there are other causes to the signs and symptoms of dementia and care workers have a major role in reporting the changes and being involved in some prevention activities; infections, nutrition and hydration; sadness, grief and depression


The program is delivered through our virtual classroom, with each session being recorded ‘archived’

Delivery suggestions for groups

  • We recommend the program, where possible, is set up as group sessions, through your TV or data projector
  • staff who cannot make the group sessions can have access to the recorded ‘archived’ sessions at times to suit
  • each group should be facilitated by a RN, as ENs cannot not direct care to PCW/AINs