Managing the Confused (Delirious) Older Patient in Acute Medical & Surgical Units (Full Course)

$66.00 incl. GST   (AU$)

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A two (2) hour CPD, live on-line, program for registered nurses, also relevant for RNs in aged care.

This is the CPD if you are working in acute or aged care and:

  • have trouble managing the confused older patient, as well as your other clinical load
  • view the older confused patient as disruptive, noisy or demanding
  • believe the older confused patients keep you away from your other patients
  • are desperate to find tools and strategies to better manage the confused older patient in acute care
  • notice “standard nursing practices” don’t make much of a difference to the older confused patient?


NOTE: Facilities (and groups of nurses working from the same facility) receive a discount of 25% on registrations of 5 or more, 40% discount on registrations of 15 or more, 50% discount on 15 or more and 60% on 20 or more!

Overall Objective:

At the completion of this program the registered nurse should be able to apply ‘gold standard’ practices to assessment, intervention development and implementation to better manage the confused older person in acute care units