Managing the Confused (Delirious) Older Patient in Acute Medical & Surgical Units (Session 1)

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Session 1 – The Facts

  • is it confusion/delirium/dementia/depression?
  • the impact of ‘poor’ nursing documentation
  • international criteria a must for all nurses
  • risk factors/precipitants for confusion/delirium
  • ‘gold standard’ assessment processes
  • ‘gold standard’ assessment tools
  • Included:
    • access to case studies to test your knowledge
    • journal readings; useful websites
    • national forum room for peer discussions



NOTE: Facilities (and groups of nurses working from the same facility) receive a discount of 25% on registrations of 5 or more, 40% discount on registrations of 15 or more, 50% discount on 15 or more and 60% on 20 or more!

Overall Objective:

At the completion of this program the registered nurse should be able to apply ‘gold standard’ practices to assessment, intervention development and implementation to better manage the confused older person in acute care units