Restraints – Understand the department’s expectations

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Locked units, antipsychotics, concave mattresses, bed rails & half doors are a few of the restraints you may have used, but do you know when they are considered false imprisonment, battery, battery & assault.

Content includes:
• you cannot delegate your responsibility by calling a doctor or family for a decision on restraint use.
• the required assessments before, during & after restraint use
• the evidence you require before restraint use
• when guardians, families & EPOA cannot request restraint
• the decision making tool details

NOTE: Facilities (and groups of nurses working from the same facility) receive a discount of 25% on registrations of 5 or more, 40% discount on registrations of 15 or more, 50% discount on 15 or more and 60% on 20 or more!

Overall Objective:

At the completion of this session the nurse should be able to discuss in details the department’s new restraint guidelines and better understand restraint use in the aged care setting.