The AGS Beers Criteria® for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults has been updated and released this year.  It is a guide for prescribers and includes 30 individual medications or medication classes to avoid for most older peoples, as well as others that should be avoided because of diseases that individuals live with.

Given the Australian coronial inquiries into the use/abuse of anti-psychotics in residential care, none of you will be surprised to know that it states the use of anti-psychotics should be avoided except in very particular circumstances.

Nurses administering this group of drugs to individuals with a neurocognitive disorder should fully understand these circumstances and evidence your nursing assessment pre-administration; during administration and post administration. You will find details of recommended nursing actions in nursing texts on drugs, not in MIMs.

You may purchase the AGS Beers Criteria for USD9.99

Contact us regarding some of the nursing texts that direct nursing actions for individual drugs.